About Jesus Mercy Home Association

JMHA is a government registered Society serving the needs of people in Tamil Nadu.

Human Rights   Award

Picture to right - JMHA receive a government human rights award (October 2007) to low caste and poor people called Sevai Semmal for service

Structure of the organisation.

JMHA has a board who sit regularly to discuss and plan the societies activities. As the board, they also work closely with those working in churches. The board elect a General Secretary, currently Rev Glory Dhas, who is accountable to the board and the founder on all aspects of the organisation.

All JMHA's ministries, financial accounts and records are always available to the Indian government for audit, and to the IMA (India Missions Association) for accountability and openness as believers in Christ.

Pastor Joseph and Glory  Dhas
Pastor Joseph and Rev Glory Dhas

For information of the activities of JMHA, please see the Programs menu to the left of the screen.
JMHA Motherland Missionary Movement - Reg Indian Society No. 146/1981 - All Rights Reserved