Testimonies and references to the work of JMHA

From Rev Peter Smith, Director Asia Global Outreach...

Dear Rev. Glory dhas, Greetings from S. E. Asia.
It was a pleasure for the ministry team to be with you for the seminar last month.  Not only did we appreciate and enjoy your hospitality and fellowship, but we were touched by the reception and welcome of the leaders and delegates. It was great to see the hunger of the delegates for the word of God, and their desire to move forward with Him in his Kingdom purposes for their lives and ministries. The seminar was well organized and very well led.  You and your organizing committee did an excellent job. Personally, I am impressed with the sincere desire I see on the part of JMHA to spread the good news of Christ, and the dedication, commitment and sacrifice of your father and yourself, along with your leadership team and fellow JHMA missionaries and workers.

I believe that, as you continue faithfully in His service, His hand and anointing upon you will grow in power and fruitfulness.
May the Lord bless you richly,


Wayne R Koivu (New Zealand) writes to JMHA ...
I am thinking of each one of you and praying for each one of you, on this special day of celebration of the 38th anniversary of your ministry. I wish that I could be with you today to share this special occasion with you and to show my respect to Brother Joseph and Brother Glory, their wives and families.
I have had the privilege of travelling to many countries around the world and visiting many ministries that minister both the Word and the Deed (good works) of the gospel. I have not seen any ministry that is more dynamic, energetic and inspiring than your ministry. I feel very honoured that God has allowed me to be associated with your ministry. You are all to be congratulated and God is to be praised for what you have achieved in 38 years.
I know that God is saying to you today: be strong, have courage, have faith because the best is yet to come in the future."
Your loving brother in Christ, Wayne R.Koivu

From the old JMHA website Guestbook...

September 20, 2007 4:42 AM EST
Name: June Byrnes Australia Comments: Your good works go before you all. You are now in my prayers. God bless you all. How did you hear about this site?
From the computer from Jesus of Mercy.

January 22, 2007 5:43 AM EST Name: Wayne Koivu Comments: It was a great privelege and blessing for me to assist in gaining funds to purchase your new campus and to visit you for the official opening of the property in June 2005. I cannot wait to visit you and the children again. God Bless You! Wayne How did you hear about this site? I met Rev Glory Dhas at a conference in 2003Pastor Glory Dhas

October 29, 2006 3:43 PM EST Name: Johan Coetzee (Afrikaans Christian Church, Hamilton, New Zealand) Comments: It was great visiting your ministry (Sept-Oct 2006) and getting to know all of you. Thank you for the great hospitality! My the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now, and forever. How did you hear about this site?

September 12, 2006 9:20 PM EST Name: Evangelist Dan Anderson Comments: My prayers and blessings are with you and your ministry. www.corministry.com. How did you hear about this site? Email from Rev. Glory Dhas

October 7, 2005 6:28 AM EST Name: Liz Matthews Comments: May God continue to richly bless your ministries and enable you to fulfill the vision you have. Praise God for His favour and grace. How did you hear about this site? e- mail following Viva conference

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