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Ann Mudge 23/10/12

I learnt about you through contact with John Steffens from Fiordland Church, in Te Anau in New Zealand.

Keijo 13/10/12

Big blessing over you in peace and in victory of Christ with the
Holy Spirit and joy and  the Lord will repare the table for us in many
good the´food and a drinks with  a honey sweet and a wine form heaven and
we will enjoy and be thankful that amazing care from God, thanks and
bless,keijo sweden

Glory Dhas  23/08/12
We are so much encouraged by all your comments through guestbook.Need your prayers always.

John Steffans  22/08/12
Saying hello from Te Anau New Zealand. Ministered with JMHA many times and so admire
this team of Gods children who totally show the love of Jesus. You are an inspiration!

Patricia D  24/10/11
A friend told us of your ministry. Praise the Lord for what He
through you and your people are doing in His name in the 'Beautiful' land
of India. God bless you!

David 26/09/11
am david. i am the believer of this church. Keep good service!

Victor 16/08/11
Praise the Lord... I feel proud to be a member of this... keep your work with blessing of Jesus.

Sarah - 16/03/11

Comments: Hello to every man woman and child at JMHA, It has been four years since I visited and I just LOVE looking through this website from time to time to see all the wonderful things God has done and is still doing! What a glorious display of the power, love and provision God has sent you - and in abundance. It's so great to know that God's work is growing there in Salem, and I pray this would continue. I am always grateful for the hospitality you showed me and hope to revisit when I can.

Love to all, God bless, Sarah x

Rev.Christopher Gammeddehewa

It's a great joy to visit your web site and read what the Lord is doing there. May the Lord bless your ministry.

I first heard about this Ministry when some of the brethren visited our Assembly at Curepe in Trinidad. rnI was blessed by your Ministry at Curepe and I am blessed to see the work you're doing and how God is leading you to help others. Keep doing this great work and God bless you.

Anne (Hannah House)
What a blessing to see your website.  I am so happy that GOD IS BLESSING YOU to help others... We will be praying for you...

Jefferson Brotons

"I was in JMHA for one month, send there by a french organisation called Developement without borders. I just want to congratulate the huge and great work already made by this organisation, and i hope it will continue by this way. Also, i would thank Pastor Glory Dhas for his welcoming here, and i wish a long and good partnership between our both associations."

"Sarah" a recent visitor
When I was leaving India the taxi driver said to me 'madame you must do 1 thing...don't forget to pray for India!' And I thought to myself yes I will, I'll pray that JMHA recieve everything they need to make their mission run effectively. I'll pray that the children of India will be saved by the grace of god. Keep up the most magical mission I have visited xxx You are in my prayers

Pastor Nayak, Orissa - 15/02/09
Congratulate Pastor Glory Dhas,I am so glad to visit your Guest book.I was touched by your loving heart and action.I thank my Lord for you are growing in the lord along with your Family, Co missionaries and Kids which I saw few days back.Please pray for us. 

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