Join in - and make things happen!

There are several ways you can have an impact in JMHAs work, furthuring the reach and effectivness of the ministry.

Have a look at our provisions page for idea on specific ideas for prayer, interaction and fundraising projects or take a look at our volunteers page.

Alternatively, consider sponsoring a specific project - its a personal and effective way of making things happen in JMHA - read on....

Sponsorship ideas...

- Community worker sponsorship
- click here to read more about sponsoring a worker.
- Child sponsorship - click here to read more about sponsoring a needy child.
- Leprosy care sponsorship
- click here to read more about the work JMHA carries out in Leper colonies.
- Other sponsorship -
read about our programs, and then contact us to discuss sponsorship.

Dont forget...

- Contact us - with any questions.
- Set up your sponsorship through our
donate page.
- Overseas sponsorship - is possible, please contact us for more information.

Picture below - Rev Glory Dhas serves the leprosy afflicted community nutritious food as a result of sponsorship.

Lepers with nutritious food

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