Sponsor A Community Worker

Pastor missionary

With a passion for people living in rural villages, JMHA invites you to play a part in sharing the Gospel through sponsoring an Indian village community worker.

JMHA trains, releases and supports workers reaching the needs of rural villages. You can be an integral part of that process through sponsorship.

Passionate and equipped local workers want just basic support to allow them to reach out to people in need. In poor rural areas of India, financial support for workers is hard to come by but sponsorship is an option.

How you can sponsor
Sponsorship starts at a suggested RS1400 / 20 per month. This money will enable them to go to the area they are called to. There are 3 sponsors per worker because the real cost of support is around RS4200 / 60 per month. Three sponsors also means there is more prayer and, if a sponsor can no longer give, a complete stop of support for the worker will be avoided.

When you become a sponsor you will receive:- a letter, picture and testimony from your sponsored worker - updates twice a year on how they are getting along- The option to give to specific needs of your workers ministry.

Each worker is accountable to the main JMHA church for whom they work. They meet regularly with staff from the JMHA church, to share about their work, pray and support one another.

Dont forget...
- Contact us - with any questions.
- Set up your sponsorship through our
donate page.
- Overseas sponsorship - is possible, please contact us for more information.

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