Life at JMHA

Life at JMHA


For strangers to India, here is a bit more about what its like in Tamil Nadu state, where JMHA is based. info1 

JMHA is situated in a rural area, close to a town called Omalur, which is about 20 minutes drive from Salem, a big City of southern India. The land is well populated, with villages built up alongside roads, some in very remote areas.

Paddy fields are common, and much sugar cane is also grown here too. Many people are involved in agriculture, mining and brick manufacturing.

Everywhere you look there will be Mango and coconut trees. About 10km from JMHA compound the Kollie mountain range starts, creating a dark but beautiful backdrop to any photos taken of the scenery.



More Information on India and its people, writes Glory Dhas...

Looking at the country of India, we see on the one side how this country has evolved and grown in the past 30 years, and on the other side, the unresolved pressing National issues. To name but a few of the positive aspects, science and Tecinfo2hnology, Economy, Music, Agriculture and transport; all of these areas have developed in leaps and bounds over the past years.  

Yet, India is still one of the poor nations of the world. She still has the world's largest number of poor people in a single country. Of her more than one billion inhabitants (which make her the second most populous country in the world) an estimated 350-400 million are below the poverty line. That percentage contains more people than the whole of the Unites States (the third most populous country in the world). Seventy five percent of these millions live in the rural areas. More than 40 per cent of the population is illiterate, with women, tribal and Schedule castes particularly affected.

60 million children in the unorganised labour sector require day care facilities. Government schemes reach only 5% of these children. 50% of the children between the ages 5 - 15 are out of school due to lack of access of quality education and support services like remedial education. Many poor youth and children do not have a chance to receive a decent education. These children, as they grow up need to look for jobs and find ways to support their families and this cannot be done these days without a proper education of some sort. Poor women who may have a lot of potential are unemployed; however, given an opportunity to these women they could also help their husbands support their families. As the population of India keeps increasing, something needs to be done about the poor children, youth the unemployed and the underprivileged that would love to have adequate training or education

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