Networking with the wider church...
JMHA desire to network with mission agencies and churches. By running a training school  and hosting conferences and seminars, JMHA  have  been a blessing to, and have been blessed by, a wide range of churches and Christian denominations in India.

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Working with independent and JMHA pastors...
Village pastors
JMHA are entirely dependant on God's provision of finances to see churches built or buildings rented. Pastors live by God's grace alone, trusting for basic provisions.

Independent pastor example...

Pastor Abel - King Jesus Church, S Kolla Patty speaks of JMHA's assistance to his ministry;

"I have been in God's work for many years. I am an independent pastor, but was searching for a good mission, to have spiritual link and guidance. Once I attended a pastors seminar organised by JMHA-Motherland Missionary Movement. I came to that meeting with a big burden in my heart as my rented house owner had told me to vacate that house with in a month time, since I was not able to pay my rent for many months.

In the same house we had our sunday worship also. When I shared this with JMHA leaders, they came forward to take care of my prayer house rent every month. They did that for more than five years. When we found a land, they donated some part of money to build a church building also.
This mission has burden to encourage all the ministries and works irrespective of denominations and other barriers. We are happy to be under the network of JMHA-MMM."
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