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Original Tamil language Christian music - by J. Glory Dhas, president of JMHA. Be encouraged and inspired in your Christian walk by this production of JMHA.

You may copy but not to sell this music. Please include the credits on any copies you make.

Vedham Namadhu Geedham

By J. Glory DhasTape

First track starts with an introduction by Pastor Joseph.
1. Varthyale (a bajan song in traditional tune)
2. Maravamal (devotional song)
3. Vinnin Mani Rajan (Christmas song)
4. Irumanamum (wedding song)
5. Yesu vandadhal (song of praise
6. Boomi vandar (song about salvation)
7. Devene yen rajane (worship song)
8. Kalavry malayoram (song of calvary)
9. Words of conclusion

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Words, tune, voice and music by: J. Glory Dhas, Produced by: Dr. (Mrs) Predita Glory
Keyboard: Justin, Bass Guitar: Titus, Drumming Sequences & Loops: Terry, Tabla & Doli: Rhythms Orchestra, Lead Guitar & Chorus: Justin, Harmony with Chorus: Glory and Team

Co-ordinator: J. Param, Recorded at: Trinity Recording Centre, Sound Engineers: Robin and Albert
JMHA Motherland Missionary Movement - Reg Indian Society No. 146/1981 - All Rights Reserved