JMHA's programs have one goal - reaching those in need with the love of God.

JMHA are meeting the most important needs of the people around them. JMHA is run and made up of local people who have come into contact with the love of God and now serve others through the church.

Leper woman with Cross
After witnessing our work, we hope that you will be inspired to help others through your own life. You may also see an area you might be able to contribute to through prayer, finances or time. If you do, please visit the Provision page and then contact us to let us know your thoughts
and questions.

Image to left - a woman affected by leprosy holding a wooden cross. She is one of many who JMHA have assisted. By helping them to become less dependant on handouts through providing cows and wells, they are now more able to function as a part of society wherever they are accepted.

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