Adult Literacy

Illiteracy is a common problem for locals around JMHA and puts people at risk of poverty through lack of education, hindering furthur economic growth or employment opportunities.

JMHA have been working in poor villages surrounding their area to provide training and books and appointing village "animators" who run evening sessions. If a person is not able to read or write their own language, they can learn and the more advanced ones can start to learn to read and write English. Usually, the teaching is conducted in the evening in the villages public space.

Image below - Glory Dhas of JMHA in a tribal area with a lady who can now write her name for the first time


Helping children and adults to read is the key to unlocking economic wellbeing, and allows individuals to gain a greater understanding of life. Further education, healthcare, employment and knowledge becomes possible once a person can read.

Some other photos of certificates being given.

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