Child Day Care

Day care centreIn the area that JMHA are located, many village parents are coolie workers, where work is not definite or stable. In many cases, no work = no food for that day.

JMHA's day care centres ensure that preschool children are;

1) provided with nutritious food
2) have kindergarten education
3) are in a secure safe place while thier parents work.

Parents are involved with the day care centres and are always consulted on the content of the teaching (which is Christian based) and the care of their children. Some parents have even come to know and have a relationship with God through JMHA's day care centres after they witness the way in which their children are cared for.

Running a day care centre takes a cook and a few members of staff, depending on how many children attend. JMHA's churches in some villages given them a place where these young children can come and stay from 9am - 5pm. Despite this, as a purely charitable work, JMHA could be reaching more villages if the funds were available.


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