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Chettiputty home
Homes for needy children have been at the heart of JMHA's work of service to the poor and needy since the start of the ministry (read more on the Since 1969 page). Currently running three homes for needy children and orphans, JMHA see child care as an important and effective way of serving those most in need, whilst recognising that where possible, supporting children to stay with their family is best for a child.

Since its start more than 30 years ago, JMHA has supported and transformed the lives of hundreds of children who now live successful and fulfilling lives because of their background.

This is one story which is typical of many of the home children's backgrounds...

Antony Samy (former boy of our orphanage); My parents are lepers and they used to beg in the bus stations and railway junctions. In this situation, somehow I had got a place at JMHA Home for children. From my childhood I was brought up there. When I completed my studies, I went to carpentry training at Chennai. As I felt God's calling for ministry, I went to YWAM youth training centre. Then I involved with YWAM Mercy Ministries serving God and people in India.

See the Sponsor a Child page for details of how to sponsor a child in a JMHA home.

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JMHA run three homes and support other children in their communities...

Ever Green Home
Ever Green home is in a small village around 3km from the JMHA compound at RC Chettiputty, and is home to many children in an amazing compound of buildings and wide open space. Rev Glory Dhas has it on his heart to see this become more and more, a place for God's children to excel in health, education and spiritual prosperity in the things of God. As a medical Doctor, his wife Dr Predita Dhas is always on hand to look after the children, and along with her medical work, she is supported in this by the home wardens who constantly care for the children. 

Also a key aspect to the ministry of the new compound is Rev Glory Dhas's vision for it to become used as a place for the JMHA network and the ministry of JMHA to expand even more. We praise God and thank him for this wonderful gift to the ministry, and pray that God will build his Kingdom even more in these days.

The children of Adaikanoor come from different background than those of the other homes. Many have just one parent, who alone is unable to support them. The other parent may have died from Aid's, or other disease and some of the children have parents who are in prison.

RC Chettiputty Home
RC (Roman Catholic) Chettiputty has been the solid rock of life and home for many children who have passed through JMHA since the church was started year ago. Some previous children are pastors, and all who have moved on, move on with the knowledge of God's love for them, and with support and encouragement from JMHA for the foreseeable future. At the age of 17 many of the children move on to Chennai, where they are trained in practical industry based jobs so that they can gain skills and earn money with which to build a career.

Only recently, Rev Glory, current president of JMHA met up with the children that HE grew up with, while his Father pastored the mission and the home. Reunions are good and its great to see what God has been doing in the lives of the happy and fulfilled adults who graduate out of the home. Coming from such an underprivileged, orphaned background, it truly is a work of God that they are given so much, and give so much back to God in praise.

Sangeethapatty Home - the story behind it...sangeetheputty
Leprosy is a word which strikes terror into the hearts of many, indeed it is a disease to be feared if medical care is not available. Even when cured it carries a huge stigma. One day in a village of high caste Hindu's a man was found to have been infected. He was shunned by his family, and friends and told never to return, such is the fate of many leprosy sufferers.

The man was wealthy, and owned much land which remained his. He found healing in a Christian hospital, but being an ex-leper, the stigma attached to him was too great even still, for him to become socially acceptable to him community again.sangeetheputty2

He made the descision to commit the land he owned to the use of JMHA and an orphanage, which is open to this day, was built. Through this mans pain and agony after losing his freinds and family, many childrens lives have been transformed, from being without parents and without future, to having many brothers and sisters, and a bright hope for a future with God.

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