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JMHA caring

For several years now, JMHA's hospital has been serving villages who are often afflicted by poverty and unable to reach adequate medical care in faraway places. Out of their love for God, JMHA has always been motivated to care for the needs of those around them, demonstrating the love of Jesus through actions of mercy and compassion.

The hospital runs on donations and small fees charged at a rate local people can afford.

JMHA desire to build a care home for old people next to the hospital. It would house 4 people at a time with one assistant.

Community Health
As well as the hospital, JMHA reaches out into villages using a van to carry its staff and equipment to the hardest to reach areas. Many villagers suffer from the hard work they have to do, such as working in fields for long periods under the sun, and vitamin deficiency
, HIV / Aids, TB and malaria are all commonly presented to JMHA's mobile clinics.

Rural careLeft - Doctor Raj Kumar who gives his time to JMHA assesses a patient in a village from a mobile clinic. Through this type of healthcare outreach, lives are being touched as further medical treatment can be sought before diseases like malaria and TB develop beyond cure.

Needs of the hospital
As a charitable cause, the reader of this website may be interested to know how they can join us and help to reach people in need of the most basic healthcare in the area where JMHA work. Please contact us to find out what our needs are (we have many - including the need for basic equipment) and we will gladly inform you of what you could do or give to help us.

Nurse training
One exciting project run by JMHA is that of running a government recognised basic nurse training course.
Selected village members are trained to the level of auxiliary nurse in a one year course. The idea is that they then are quipped to serve their own people with basic healthcare skills. Education therefore brings health and an income to those who lack both health and higher education.

Training nurses


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