Leprosy Care

JMHAs ministry amoung people who have had leprosy in thier area is demonstrating the love of God in very practical ways.

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Leprosy is commonly considered a curse to the affected person. When a person is affected by leprosy, they are made to leave their villages and live in government provided compounds. They will not be appointed by other people for jobs. They are not allowed to travel by bus or take water from the Govt or public water pipes.

By showing true love and acceptance, and helping meet their needs, JMHA's aim is to bring transformation into thier society and awareness about them to the public.

Picture to right - Glory Dhas giving assistance to a community of leprosy afflicted people. They now have hope of a better life, through input of "outsiders" who bring love and acceptance into their compound.

JMHA's programs for leprosy afflicted people...
1.Two full time pastors to minister to them and counsel them.
2.Support for their children's need of food and education.
3.A meal centre is planned - to feed them at least a meal per day, to those have not even a single fingers on their hand to work or a leg to walk.
4.To provide for them cows, by which they can live, selling the milk or to help them to start any work as per their health condition and need.
5.To set up a small hospital for their many healthcare needs.
6.To stand with them to have their rights as just like other people, by creating awareness of their plight.

JMHA serves leprosy afflicted people based in their own villages, hospitals and Government colonies.

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Some more images of JMHAs ministry to leprosy afflicted people..

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