Life Care Centres

"For gospel and for people"... is JMHA's mission and, at the heart of JMHA's work, is a desire that people experience God's love because of Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Life Care Centres, more than j
ust a building...
As a place for Christians to meet and worship God, it is only natural for church buildings to also be used to bless whole communities. JMHAs vision is for centres in villages to be used as meeting halls, education and health centres, child day care centres as well as places of refuge in times of natural disaster.

Current Life Care Centres are being a blessing to their communities, and JMHA wants to do more.

The church problem...
Its hard for village pastors to raise the 5000 ($6000) needed to pay for a church to be built which means a church congregation has to rent a venue.

By building a Life Care Centre, the congregation can not only be more accessable to people, it can also serve the community in a practical way

A Life Care Centre building....


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