Social Concerns

Human Rights AwardJMHA's faith in a God who cares for and loves all people has led them into several areas of work to reach people with this love. Through action, JMHA seek to show that their words are real and true.

Lives have been touched all over Tamil Nadu, and thousands of people can give testimony to being touched and helped by a church who just seek to show God's love to them. Most recently, JMHA was honoured with a government award for Human Rights (see image to right) which recognises their work with the poor and low caste people in their region.

Areas of JMHA's social concerns apart from the ones already mentioned such as; assisting lepers, adult literacy, child day care and healthcare......

girlAgainst Female Infanticide
Unknown to many, female infanticide is still common among many rural Indian communities today. The financial burden of having a female born is more than a male, and some people see selling or killing their baby as the only way of surviving.

In JMHA's region, the killing of unwanted female babies shortly after birth is a secretive practice which is also very illegal. Due to the remoteness of many villages, it still continues. JMHA seek to use thier contacts and existing knowledge of the region and its people to persuade people not to kill newborns, but to seek help.

JMHA value all children as special, loved by God.

Disaster relief
When nature strikes a blow, poor and rural communities (like the ones JMHA live in) can be devastated and people easily die from lack of food, crops, clean water or housing. As an organisation with many branches, JMHA is able to adapt to a problem to give as much help as they can.

The Asian Tsunami
tsunami relief
When the Tsunami struck in 2004, JMHA were able to help.
Many families lost their parents and main wage earners. Through local networks of churches, JMHA was able to help children and dependants with aid and in planning for the future. JMHA was able to give much needed housing material to the victims of the Tsunami, helping people to rebuild their lives from the start.

Fire and floods
JMHA has in the past year assisted in the rebuilding of several villages which have been affected by fire and floods. Donations from supporters around the world have also gone to reaching remote people in villages which are very poor.

Donated computers find suitable homes through JMHA.
In recent years JMHA has been the recipiant of second hand computers from a large developed country. As thier recieved two containers full of computers, it was thier duty to distribute to those who could benifit most, but least afford a computer. This kept JMHA's staff busy for a long period, but at the end of the process, schools, churches, missions, organisations were the benifactors of computers which will enable to train and develop along with the rest of India in its phenominal growth.

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