Training and Seminars

JMHA organise seminars and training for teachers, children's workers and Christian ministers, teams, and families. Focusing on under priviledged groups and individuals, through JMHAs extensive network of contacts in the area many people are able to attend.

Nurse training
A one year government approved nursing course is run by JMHA and is focused on girls from villages. This provides them with the opportunity of employment and should they choose to, to serve JMHA in village healthcare centres.

Community workers
Monthly meetings for networked workers, and yearly conferences with up to 1000 workers. The meetings cater mainly for rural workers who may not be able to attend city based training.

Children's workers training
Two to three hundred people come together every year from many different churches to learn how best to care for and teach children. Making  puppets and drama techniques are explored.

Literacy animators
Teaching how to read and write is a passion at JMHA. Over 150 animators, individuals trained in teaching basic reading and writing, have been trained by JMHA. They go on to teach rural villagers, improving employment and further education prospects greatly.

Income generating
For villagers who simple need a good start, JMHA teach how to make soap, candles, glue, soap powder, shampoo. This is often given when literacy training is given as those who are previously illiterate are also usually poor.

Other training in JMHA includes music, computer, spoken English and tailoring.

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