So how do we run so many programs, and how can get involved if you wish to support God's work in India?

JMHA believes strongly in the power of prayer to a powerful God, and considers regular prayer from supporters and prayer partners essential. Please pray for the many willing volunteers and people who have surrendered their whole lives to the ministry, trusting in God to provide for their every need.

Ways you can support; Prayer, Finances and Time

By Prayer

Keep up to date with our prayer requests by asking for a copy of Vidivelley, our Tamil magazine or our email newsletter.

By Finances
JMHA has the opportunity to serve the needs of many poor and underprivileged people and want to do so because of the Love of God. We are open about the cost of our work so that others contribute financially, allowing JMHA to do more.

Below is a list of items you may consider prayerfully contributing to. Unless total amount is given, any amount donated for the below items will be saved until the full amount is reached.

Life care centres 350,000 Rupees / 5000 twice as much if land is required.
Child in needy children home Please contact us
Nursing / bible school student - 1800 Rupees / 25 a month
Children's village day care centre 15000 Rupees / 215 a month
Tuition centre 3000 5000 Rupees / 50 - 70
Water bore well 90,000 Rupees / 1200
Medical camps 10000 Rupees / 140
Leper Colony assistance any donation welcome sheep, shoes, food, healthcare assistance, cows, clothes

Visit the Donate page for more information including how to give now online.

By Time
JMHA has a history of working with Christian organisations, taking YWAM teams and other projects to work with them, and see God's Kingdom established through short term work of volunteers from around the world. Contact Us to  enquire about visiting our church. At invitation only, JMHA welcomes pastors and teachers to spend time with the church to build up and encourage, evangelise and preach the gospel. Many bible teachers and preachers visiting short term, from around the world have brought us even further into the things of God. Testimonials on Testimonies page.

A few examples of how finances are used to furthur the work of JMHA.

Below are just a few examples of how JMHA serves the needs of people in its area through using finances effectively. JMHA is built on generous giving of individuals so please consider if you can give to its work, see the donate page for more details.

tsunami sm

Social concerns - when natural disasters occur, JMHA's network of churches and supporters are already present to help those affected.
- helping those affected by the 2004 Tsunami

You can help us when there is a need, reaching those in hardship or suffering directly and with effect.

hosp sm

Healthcare work - As a natural outworking of the Christian faith, JMHA are taking healthcare to where its needed, in remote locations in rural Tamil Nadu. A small hospital and outreach programs serve a wide range of people. A training centre is now giving young village women the opportunity to train as healthcare workers and assist thier communities.

Our healthcare program is slowly expanding. Our hospital is in need of basic medical equipment. Please contact us with any assistance you may be able to give to find out more.

Chettiputty home sm

Needy Children's Homes - since it started, JMHA has always cared for the youngest and most vulnerable members of its society. It is at the heart of JMHA that Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven." Matt 19 vs 14. As such, for over 30 years JMHA has brought destitute children up with the help of sponsors in India and abroad. Have you considered sponsoring a child?

These are just a few example of how finances can change lives. Finances given can be used for any area of JMHA's work that they are designated to - see under the projects menu for more information on more of JMHA projects to help those in need.

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